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Transport Noise Corridors

Residential buildings approved after September 2010 that are located in a Designated Transport Noise Corridor need to comply with the Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 4.4 – Buildings in a transport noise corridor as a deemed to satisfy solution. Or a site specific Noise Assessment conducted by an Acoustic Consultant can be used as an alternative solution. During the assessment process of an application GMA will ascertain if a Transport Noise Category applies to your development and may request further information in order to determine compliance for your Decision Notice of Approval.

In order to determine if your property is subject to a Transport Noise Corridor you can access the SPP Interactive Mapping System. Search for the Land Parcel and then turn on all the Transport Infrastructure Layers.

You will be shown an image similar to the one below and if your land parcel is within a Transport Noise Corridor, you can utilise the Identify tool to determine the applicable Noise Category.

A single land parcel can be partially affected by multiple noise categories. The Noise Category that will apply depends on the position of the building within the Noise Categories. A building sited across multiple categories will have different requirements for each respective part of the building and a building sited wholly within one category will have only one applicable category.

Local Governments have the ability to designate their own Local Transport Noise Corridors (outside the Qld State Requirements). We most recently received confirmation that Redland City Council made this designation on 28 June 2019 and you can access the Building Newsflash # 566 for details on this update.

For more information on Transport Noise Corridors and how they might apply to your development please visit the Department of House and Public Works website. And if at any time GMA can be of service to you in relation to Transport Noise Corridors, please do not hesitate to contact your local branch.