Planning Scheme Updates and Information

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January 30, 2020
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Planning Scheme Updates and Information

Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council releases a new Design Guide for Traditional Character Housing.

Brisbane City Council is committed to protecting Brisbane’s unique character and ensuring best practice that complements the character of the city.

The new Design Guide is one way Council is helping home owners and design professionals to ensure that their renovations to traditional character houses meet occupants needs and complement the neighbourhood.

Please see more about the Traditional Character Housing Design Guide at the Brisbane City Council website.

Bundaberg Regional Council

At its meeting on 21 January 2020, the Bundaberg Regional Council have confirmed the adoption of Planning Scheme Amendment No.5 9 (Major Amendment) for 10th February 2020.

This amendment includes changes to codes and levels of assessment to reflect desired intent and community expectations for Secondary Dwellings and Dual Occupancy development.

Some important changes to note are:

1. New requirements detailing who can occupy a Secondary Dwelling into the Dwelling House Code. The secondary dwelling is occupied by members of the same household who occupy the dwelling house. Where an occupant of the secondary dwelling is not related by blood, marriage or adoption to a person residing in the primary dwelling, a functional relationship or connection must exist between the occupants of both dwellings.

2. The reduction in the maximum gross floor area for the secondary dwelling to 60sqm and the requirement for connectivity between the two dwellings. The Gross Floor area definition has not been amended, which means that unenclosed private balconies and car parking are still excluded from this calculation.

3. The minimum allotment size for lots in the low density residential zone of 800sqm. This is consistent with the minimum size for a dual occupancy which is also accepted development subject to requirements. A brief review of the codes suggest that the only material difference would be visible entrances from the street for both dwellings and two car parking spaces for the secondary dwelling rather than 1 space.

For more information on the amendments please visit Bundaberg Regional Councils website